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As the hub of the home, the kitchen receives the most special treatment. We start by wiping all countertops and appliances then we clean inside of the microwave. Then the stove top, drip pans, under hood. After we clean cabinets, table and chairs than will finish by vacuuming and mopping the floors

Kitchen Cleaning Services Standard Deep Cleaning Move In/Out
Wipe Down Counters
Wipe Down Cabinets (Exterior)
Wipe Down Refrigerator (Exterior)
Wipe Down Trash Can (Exterior)
Wipe Down Tables & Chairs
Wipe Down Window Sills
Wipe Down Toaster (Inside & Outside)
Wipe Down Microwave (Inside & Outside)
Vent Dusting
Door Frame Dusting
Sink Scrubbing
Stovetop Scrubbing
Load & Run Dishwasher (Empty on Request)
Wall Behind Stovetop Scrubbing
Extended Time For Areas of Focus
Heavy Scrub of Mineral Build-up
Wipe Down Trash Cans (Exterior & Interior)
Wipe Down Baseboards
Wipe Down Doors & Door Frames
Inside Refrigerator
Inside Oven
Inside of Range Hood
Inside of Cabinets
Inside of Drawers
Remaining Residential Trash Removed

🍽️ Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Boston, Ma

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