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Our bedroom cleaning service will provide full dust cleaning of every area, including windows sills, baseboards and flat surface mirrors and frames. We thoroughly dust all furniture and other pieces that are on the furniture. Our cleaners will finish the bedroom with a thorough vacuuming.

Bedroom Cleaning Services Standard Deep Cleaning Move In/Out
Make Beds (Change Linens If Available)
Cushions & Pillows Fluffed/Organized
Lamps Cleaned & Lampshades Dusted
Polish All Woodwork & Switch Plates
Picture Frames Dusted
Furniture Dusted: Top, Front and Underneath
Floors Vacuumed And/Or Washed
Window Sills Cleaned & Blinds Dusted
Baseboards Dusted
Trash Emptied & Liners Replaced
Mirrors Cleaned
Wipe Under A/C Units
General Straightening/Organizing
Extended Time For Areas of Focus
Clean Behind Wall Units
Wipe Down Trash Cans (Interior & Exterior)
Wipe Down Baseboards
Wipe Down Doors & Door Frames
Closets & Shelves Dusted & Hand-Wiped
Remaining Residenital Trash Removed