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athrooms are amongst the highest traffic areas in the home. If you neglect your bathroom and let the dust and soap scum get out of control, you will feel less comfortable in your own home.

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Not only will a filthy bathroom put you in a negative mood, it will make you feel embarrassed and self-conscious when it comes time to invite guests into your home.  Most people dread having to clean their bathrooms, but it’s an important part of keeping a clean house. Not only is it a time consuming and exhausting chore, it can be somewhat icky. All of that soap scum, mildew, dirt, and general grime is really off-putting. However, cleaning and disinfecting your bathroom will not just make it look more welcoming, it will make it a much more sanitary and safe space.

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If you dread bathroom chores, or just want to make sure your bathroom has a spotless sparkle, you should call Onix Cleaning Services today! Our professional cleaning team will go beyond a regular cleaning, going above and beyond to restore the original shine throughout your entire bathroom.

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🧼 What Do Bathroom Cleaning Services From Onix Include?

Unlike other cleaning services, a professional cleaner at Onix will make sure to give your entire bathroom a deep clean. Bathrooms are lurking with germs and bacteria, so when it comes to cleaning them, a simple surface clean is simply not enough. This is why we go out of our way to make sure every surface and fixture has been thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and polished. Let us explain our process:

Give Your 🚿 Shower and Tub 🛀 a Thorough Cleaning 

If you have ever tried to give your bathtub or standup shower stall a deep clean, you know how time consuming and frustrating the task can be. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, and all sorts of other hygiene products can cause stubborn buildup on the tiles and grout. On top of all this, minerals in your water can leave behind annoying lime scale deposits. 

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In order to restore your shower and bathtub to their original shine, we tackle all of this unsightly soap-scum and lime scale with appropriate cleaning agents and give every surface a thorough scrubbing and disinfection. We even clean your shower glass, so that it has that crystal clear quality it had when it was first installed.

Showerheads can also suffer from mineral buildup, which is why their performance suffers over time and the water flow can get weaker. Not only will a dirty showerhead lose pressure, but they can also harbor all sorts of dangerous types of bacteria. We clean your showerhead and have it running as good as new.

🧽 Properly Clean the Tiles, Walls, and Ceilings 

The hot water we use when we shower and bathe causes our bathrooms to become extremely humid places. Unfortunately, warm, damp air creates the perfect conditions for bacteria and mildew to grow. This is why it is so important that every surface in your bathroom is properly cleaned. This even includes bathroom walls and ceilings.

Our cleaning team ensures that the bathroom is cleaned from ceiling to floor to prevent mold and mildew. All surfaces will be disinfected until they are free of stains, mildew, and even invisible bacteria. We will also take the right precautions to make sure your wall tiles are completely free of watermarks and streaks.

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🚽 Make Sure Your Toilets are Sparkly Clean

Cleaning the toilet is probably the most dreaded task of cleaning any bathroom or home cleaning in general. While you might not want to do it, our home cleaning service will make sure every inch of your toilets has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

We make sure that the interior toilet bowl has been scrubbed free of any stains and has been properly sanitized. We then move on to make sure the exterior of the toilet has been scrubbed until it sparkles. We even make sure to clean behind the toilet, which is a spot that hides lots of dirt and debris.

🪞 Clean All Bathroom Fixtures, Sinks, and Mirrors

We will make sure your faucets and sink bowls have a spotless shine. We will also make sure we give your bathroom mirror a streak free finish. You would be surprised how dirty bathroom faucets and mirrors can get. Again, the humid environment leads to bacteria and mildew growth. 

We make sure your sink basins, faucets, and mirrors look their absolute best. You will love the feeling of getting ready in the morning in front of a spotless bathroom counter!

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🔍 Finishing Touches

After we have tackled all of the big jobs, we will go over all of the finishing touches that really make a bathroom shine. This means wiping down and sanitizing all towel racks, light and fan switches, vents, door handles, cabinets and shelves, window sills, light fixtures, and everything else. We will also finish by making sure your bathroom floors are completely clean and sanitary. 

A keen eye for detail and commitment to deeply cleaning every surface is one of the perks you get with Onix Cleaning Services. You will be amazed just how clean your bathroom can be after we have finished with it.

☑️ Why Is It Necessary to Deep Clean Your Bathrooms?

As we mentioned above, the heat and moisture in bathrooms makes them a breeding ground for dangerous mold, bacteria, mildew, and germs. Not only can an unclean bathroom be an unsanitary space that could be harmful for your health, they can quickly become filthy and unsightly if they are not cleaned regularly and correctly.

Here are 6 reasons why you should hire professional cleaners to deep clean your bathrooms:
  1. A bathroom that has undergone a deep clean is a much more hygienic place. The last thing you want is for your bathrooms to be a place where germs are spread from one person to another. Not only is that gross, but it could also lead to sickness!

2. A deep cleaned bathroom will make you feel much more confident about your home when it comes time to host guests. If you have ever cringed when your guests have asked where your washrooms are, you could really benefit from having your bathrooms professionally cleaned!

3. Unclean bathrooms can smell! There is no getting around it – dirty toilets, sinks, and bathtubs smell horrible. You do not want your bathrooms smelling moldy and musty. After your bathroom has been professionally cleaned, the dirty, damp smell with be replaced with a fresh scent you will love.

4. Mold and mildew that grow in bathrooms can spread throughout the rest of your home. The overall cleanliness of your home starts with a clean and sanitary bathroom. Let our professional cleaners give your bathrooms the scrubbing they deserve and prevent the spread of dirt and grime!

5. Most people start and finish their day in the bathroom. It is the last place you go before you go to bed and the first room you enter after you wake up. Start and finish your days on a high note and you will quickly notice how much it can do for elevating your overall mood!

6. Having your bathroom cleaned on a regular basis will make you realize the value of a clean home. Entering a clean bathroom sets the tone for the rest of the house. Someone with clean bathrooms is much more likely to value cleanliness in other areas of their life.

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Booking with Onix is incredibly easy. You can schedule a cleaning for whatever time and date works best for you. Whether you schedule over the phone or online, booking a cleaning can take as little as one minute!

Our friendly customer service team will be happy to go over any questions or concerns you may have. It is really important to us that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Whether you have one bathroom, or multiple, we will make sure we treat each with care and respect. We always take great pride in leaving every room of your home de-cluttered, clean, sanitized, and organized.

🧹 We Offer All Types of Cleaning Services

Onix Cleaning Services can provide all types of cleaning services for your home. We bring the same level of care that we apply to bathrooms to every room in your home. No matter what your cleaning needs are, we can take care of them.

When you hire cleaning services from Onix, you know you are going to get a flawless clean without any hassle. We hire and train only the most trustworthy and professional cleaners. Every member of staff at Onix strives to exceed your expectations for customer service and cleanliness. This passion for excellent service and producing immaculately cleaned homes is why you should always turn to Onix Cleaning Services for all of your cleaning needs.

With uniquely tailored cleaning services, we can provide you with an outstanding level of cleanliness at an affordable price. If you live anywhere in Boston, Ma or the surrounding area, give us a call! We would be happy to work with you to find a cleaning package that works for you.

Let us transform your bathrooms and the rest of your home into clean spaces you will be proud of!

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