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Our cleaners will clear out the room of grime, cobwebs and dust. We will also wipe clean countertop, sink faucets, mirrors, tub & shower area. We will clean the bathroom tiles thoroughly. All of the toilet areas will be thoroughly cleaned as well. The bathroom floor will be swept, mopped and shined!

Bathroom Cleaning Services Standard Deep Cleaning Move In/Out
Tiles Scrubbing
Sink Scrubbing
Toilet Scrubbing
Bathtub/Shower Scrubbing
Wipe Down Shower Caddy/Soap Dish
Vent Dusting
Door Frame Dusting
Wipe Down Counters
Wipe Down Shower Door
Clean Mirrors
Wipe Down Shelves (Exterior)
Wipe Down Trashcan (Exterior)
Extended Time For Areas of Focus
Shower Door Given Extra Attention
Heavy Scrub of Bathroom Sinks
Heavy Scrub of Bathroom Toilets
Heavy Scrub of Bathtub/Shower
Heavy Scrub of Bathroom Tiles
Trash Cans (Interior & Exterior)
Wipe Down Baseboards
Wipe Down Doors & Door Frames
Inside of Cabinets
Inside of Drawers
Remaining Residential Trash Removed